Real Self Defense for Real Situations.

Women’s Self Defense

Level I

 Basic S.T.R.E.E.T. Defense

Evade and Escape

(if you have been the victim of violence, you may find a couple of the subject matter contained in our training disturbing or traumatizing.  If you are even in the process of recovering from violence and abuse, you would like to consult with a mental health professional before considering to take this or attend any group gathering)

This course introduces the student to the way robbers, sexual predators, and rapists behave and act.  How they select targets/victims and gain access to them.  This session is not overly concerned with the different types/categories of sexual predators, but the practical measures are taken not to be found out as a target, and the ways of identifying the pattern and actions of would be sexual predators are possible to disengage and escape. 

The lecture and debate portion will occupy roughly half of the class period.  The self-defense techniques will fill roughly the other half. There will be a short break in between each section. While the lecture and debate will hold on constant, the defense techniques will proceed as the rest of the class dictate. 

All material in the booklet that you will receive will be covered.  The classes are designed to create on one another; the abilities learned in preceding classes will be used in the ongoing class, so attendance is vital.

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