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Basic Knife Defense

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Salem Public Library

585 Liberty St. SE

Salem, Oregon


This pure and straightforward Knife protection class is “painfully” basis.  I only teach you the marked essence of knife combative protection and knife fighting self-defense.  This course is NOT “Knife Fighting or Knife Combat  I have seen lots of knife fads and systems come and go. Lots of them were shallow and, frankly, sends the improper message about the harsh realities of knife attacks, assaults, etc.  Some local guy even has KILLED someone and said it was, ‘Self defense.’  It is a fine line between Self defense and MURDER!  We make sure that YOU know the difference, keeping you from behind bars.  

Everyone attending will receive a Frost Folding knife…



There will also be Door drawing for a

Frost Tactical Fixed Blade.


Only18 Participants Allowed!


Time: 1:30PM – 4:30PM

$65 Per Participant Online

$75 At Door Price

Everyone MUST Bring Proper ID.  

Anyone ages 16-17 may join their parent that is attending the courses. Limited spacing.  Please sign up before it’s gone!  To reserve your space, please use the PayPay Link provided.