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Men’s Basic Self Defense

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S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense/Basic

 Evade and Escape

3 Hour Course

Ages 18+ ONLY!


(Only 20 Participants Allowed in Any Course)

Would you be able to safeguard yourself and your loved ones if someone were to attack you physically?  It’s a question lots of us don’t want to consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life.

Self-defense for men is essential because people may threaten them and he can fear for their safety, and many men feel strongly about wanting to live a life without violence.  Men are beforehand supposed to be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Men of All Ages Can Complete this Course!!

Fortunately, even though of strength, size, or previous training, our simple self-protection course can train someone to learn several practical self-defense techniques.  Our system is 70% Avoidance and Awareness and 30% Effective and Painful Techniques that is sure to stop most of the assailants in their tracks

Techniques are safely practiced full force on our padded attackers who “JOB” is to create credible scenarios that speed up learning to overcome natural fears and allowing long expression retention. The padded assailant is just one aspect of our S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense program designed, which synthesizes numerous separate specialty fields and professional studies into the mind-body-spirit integration.

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