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Featuring The Fairbairn Techniques of Hand to Hand Combat.  From 1926 – 1942, Col. Fairbairn taught the world ‘s allied military how to fight. Our techniques is based on the hand to hand combative techniques used by the U.S. Military of WWII and the Korean Wars.  We teach this explicitly because of its use in ALL climates and condition of combat!  The hand to hand combat techniques used were useful in scorching heat, torrential tropical and forest rain falls, heavy snowfalls, blizzards, severe cold with inefficient clothing with the ground and equipment freezing.


S.T.R.E.E.T.  means…

Simple Tactics Reality Effective Easy Techniques.

Simple Tactics:  Unlike “military tactics” our AWARENESS TRAINING, can teach you how NOT to become a victim in today’s world.

Reality  Effective:  We educate you on how NEVER to turn into a VICTIM! These uncomplicated strategies re-educate the Trainee, pupil, community, etc., on what safety really is.


Easy Techniques: Most of our training calls for little or no physical training (however, discover an exercise program that may suit you). We do this through the use of tactics that employs GGM or Gross Motor Movement. This allows your muscle recollection to work with tactics in place of brute energy (something different many standard fighting methods don’t show).


Our Training is 70% Mental Training and

30 % Tactics and Techniques!


For those who want to, “training like a soldier, win in an MMA Match or any so-called, “Combat Sport”?


Any our Self-defense course, we must teach the high training. Without it, no one (No matter what they have or what they know..) cannot defend or protect themselves or anyone else.  We use the Three step teaching of the Progressive Boundary Setting by Master Instructor Erik Kondo


Our training is NOT Traditional Martial Arts, MMA or Krav Maga!  It is for those that want to SURVIVE a Street Assault, Rape, Robbery or Worst!  Receive Level I Certificate of completion of the course. Classes are NEVER larger than 12-20 Participants

How?  The movements are embedded in the body’s natural movements(Gross Motor Movements) and don’t require massive re-learning techniques.  S.T.R.E.E.T Combat Defense System has taken over 40 years of studying and training to develop the system for the everyday man and woman to use is street assault and attack situations.

There are no “secrets” to self-defense! We train you by using,

  • Awareness and Assertiveness Training
  • Adrenal Rush Training
  • Gross Motor Movements
  • Body Movement Defense Techniques

Tactics and Techniques

Besides learning hand to hand combat while in the military, here is a list of men that were inspirational and influential to our instructor in the creation of the S.T.R.E.E.T Combat Defense System.   They also happen to be The World’s Best in Combatives, Personal Defense, Hand to Hand Fighting, Reality Based Self Defense and Self Protection

I used their books, DVDs and trained, as a reference for my system.  Because of our need for the pureness of REAL Military Hand to Hand combat, these are just a few of the trainers that have aided me to integrate practical techniques into my system.

(No Claim of Personal Training or Certifications from any these people

are NOT made at the current time.)

Rex Applegate (R.I.P.)

Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr. (R.I.P).

Glen Brody

Carl Cestari (R.I.P.)

Loren W. Christensen

William E. Fairbairn (R.I.P.)

Kelly Mc Cann (A.K.A.) Jim Grover

W. Hock Hochheim

Bruce Lee (R.I.P.)

Jerry L. Peterson

Mark Shuey

Eric A. Sykes (R.I.P.)

Vladimir Vasiliev

Kelly Worden


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