Who are We?

Oregon's only known, "Civilian Hand to Hand Combat Training Course.  We teach Awareness, Assertiveness with Defensive techniques not courses with fillers like, 'fitness training and ancient philosophy'.

Our Courses

People of ALL Ages can NOW learn simple self defense for women without injury.  Reason being we use the Armored Assailant Suit and B.O.B. for an assure injury free training.

Specialty Courses

With our self defense classes, don't think for one minute that we are just about empty hand defense. We have much more.  From Basic self defense to, 'Escape from holds, Knife Defense and also Quick Draw for Gun defense'.

Everyone NEEDS Real Self Defense Training!

We have no rules because, “there are no rules in the streets!”  We teach you the reality of fighting and the facts of street assaults.  Be it our Basic S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense course or one of our progress courses, you’ll constantly obtain the same quality of learning each and every program that we provide.Our Self Defense class starts at 90% Awareness and Assertiveness Training.

This is NOT martial arts but Martial Science!

Control Fear: Anxiety Control is probably the most under appreciated skill one can have in a self defense scenario.

Body Weakness Protection: There are parts of the body that are not weak and other parts that are. It's important to protect or the weak points in the human body. Injury to these weak points can cause anxiety, pain, impairment and death.

Effective Strikes: What this means is that you, will NOT suffer any injuries while training.(The guy is the suit, "Becoming Hurt"....is his JOB!)

  We teach you how to be, AWARE  of you surroundings and become ASSERTIVE when needed or necessary. Some people may call this, "common sense training" but you MUST never put yourself into a situation where you MUST FIGHT!  That this just what this young man below did and could not get out of.

Ask yourself....

Could YOU defend yourself

against a situation such in the video Below?

In 2013 US Department of Justice survey shown us:

  • A violent crime took place every 27.1seconds.
  • One murder occurred every 37 minutes.
  • One Rape every 6.6 minutes.
  • One robbery every 1.5 minutes.
  • One aggravated assault every 43 seconds.
  • One burglary every 16.4 seconds.
  • One vehicle theft every 45.1 seconds.
  • One larceny theft every 5.3 seconds.

Just Pick up the paper or watch the news and you will find that everyone should have simple self  protection skills in today’s world.  Our courses will teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones in time of need.  Course Basic length are from 1-3 hours long for our simple Self Defense Training OR advance your abilities in our 6-10 hours Weekend Seminars.

What makes our training distinct from other “So Called” ‘hand to hand combat’ training?  We concentrate on strategy and method, not the physical training.  The main reason that the S.T.R.E.E.T Combat Defense System is the Best in Marion County?  It can be taught anyone, REGARDLESS of Age! Sex! or Size!

Join Our Next Weekend Seminars....

Each month, we have seminar across Marion County and beyond.  . Space is limited!  So, if you want to training you MUST be one of the First 24 people to Sign up in ANY Seminar!