Real Self Defense for Real Situations.

In today’s World of Assault and Attacks, NOW more than ever, people are taking basic self-defense training.  What About YOU?  Can you defend yourself if you were being VICIOUSLY and MERCILESSLY attack?  Watch the video below and ask yourself, “Could I defend myself against an attacked like this.”  Even worst ask,”Could I protect myself and my loved ones against an attacked”?  Sorry, left out one little point…” and no one will help you”?  Please watch,


If you cannot see, YOU CANNOT FIGHT!

If you cannot walk, YOU CANNOT FIGHT!

If you cannot Breath,  YOU CANNOT FIGHT!

  We are NOT teaching you anything that you will not be able to use in a REAL”Self Defense Situation.”  We are NOT teaching you to “Fight.” Fighting on the streets be it the bar, at the mall or the movies is,”Illegal!”  We teach you “Legal Necessary Force” and by teaching you what the difference is, you will NOT go to prison using what we show you!

Everyone NEEDS Real

Self Defense Training!

We are Oregon’s ONLY Real Civilian Protection System using WWII Techniques and Tactics. Using the Deadly Techniques that won victory for the troops in WWII are now being used to create Personal Protection Programs available for civilian purposes.  In the S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System, we have no rules because “there are no RULES in the streets!”  We teach you the reality of fighting and the facts of street assaults.  Be it our Basic S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense course or one of our progress sessions; you’ll regularly obtain the same quality of learning every program that we provide.

This is NOT  martial arts but

Martial Science!

Control Fear: Anxiety Control is probably the most under-appreciated skill one can have in a self-defense scenario.

Body Weakness Protection: There are parts of the body that are not weak and other parts that are. It’s in to protect or the weak points in the human body. Injury to these weaknesses can cause anxiety, pain, impairment, and death.

Effective Strikes: What this means is that you, will NOT suffer any injuries while training.(The guy is the suit, “Becoming Hurt”….is his JOB!)

We teach you how to be, AWARE  of your surroundings and become ASSERTIVE when needed or necessary. Some people may call this, “common sense training” but you MUST never put yourself in a situation where you MUST FIGHT!

What makes our practice distinct from other “So Called” ‘hand to hand combat’ training?  We concentrate on strategy and method, not the physical exercise.  S.T.R.E.E.T Combat Defense System is the Best in practice in Marion County or Portland has to offer because It can be taught to anyone, REGARDLESS of Age! Sex! or Size!

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